Monday, January 30, 2006

Digital projectors offer big-screen viewing

Like to watch television? Home digital projectors let you experience movies, sitcoms and sporting events in blockbuster-sized proportion. Before rushing out to the store, here are three things to know about digital projectors.

1. Types of Projector
- Like televisions, projectors use different technologies to display images. For the most part, you'll find LCD (liquid crystal display) and DLP (digital light processing) models. You may encounter CRT (cathode ray tube) models, but these are bigger and much more expensive (about $10,000).

LCD projectors work by passing light through LCD glass panels -- one each for the red, green and blue components of the video signal. As light passes through these panels, tiny pixels -- short for picture elements -- switch on and off to create the image. That image is then projected through a lens to a large screen. These projectors are capable of producing high-definition TV-quality images. The downside to LCD projectors is that the pixels can be seen best in a large viewing area, producing what's known as a "screen door effect."

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Sunday, January 29, 2006


Barco is launching a 20,000 lumen output projector, its FLM R20+ at this week's Integrated Systems Europe show.

The first projector in a new FLM series, the three chip DLP-based projector ouputs 20,000 "centre lumens", has native SXGA+ resolution, a stated contrast ratio of 1,800:1 and sealed optics. Other features of the projector include 10bit video processing, low noise and software plug-in options to give multiscreen and advanced control functionality.

Barco RLM and SLM lenses can be used with the FLM series, which means that rental companies can use existing lens stocks.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Samsung Makes 660g DLP Projector

The SP-P300ME is a weeny 127 x 93 x 50mm and weighs just 660g (roughly the same size and mass as a 1980s mobile phone) yet this DLP LED projector is impressively spec-ced.

It has an 800 x 600 maximum resolution, 1000:1 contrast ratio, 2.5 hours of battery life and 25dB fan noise while the lamp promises to last for up to 10,000 hours. The 25 ANSI Lumens brightness, however, does put to bed any lingering thoughts you may have had about setting it up permanently at home, though D-sub and AV input connectivity should make it a faithful alley of the trusty road warrior.

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Optoma EP747 projector Review

Although we found the styling on Optoma's recent ThemeScene H30A a little bland, it certainly punched above its weight in terms of performance. Now the manufacturer has released a similarly specced model geared more towards business use.

The Optoma EP747 boasts an XGA resolution, which whilst not the best on offer these days, a 2000:1 contrast and pre-sets optimised for PC, Photo, RGB, video and cinema applications mean it should fare fine for home use. Primarily though it's developed with installation applications in mind, with a short throw add-on lens and 3000 hour lamp life. There's a decent array of inputs including DVI, two VGA, S-video and Composite, and for each video input there is an audio input allowing easy switching of sources.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Samsung launches ultra-small LED projector

Samsung has launched a pocket sized, lightweight projector, the P300 that weighs just 660g with dimensions of 127 x 93 x 50mm.

According to Samsung, the new P300 is one of the smallest and brightest DLP LED mobile projectors on the market and boasts 24 ANSI Lumen brightness, an impressive 1000:1 contrast ratio and a resolution of 800x600.

The projector also has an impressive battery life of 2.5 hours, making it ideal to take with you to off-site business meetings and the lamp will last for 10,000 hours.

Featuring a special connecting cable and D-sub (PC), AV input, Samsung’s P300 offers easy and complete connectivity for a variety of devices.

The P300 Pocket Imager is expected to retail in the region of £499 and will be available in the UK from March.

Monday, January 23, 2006

SIM2 projector shoots super hi-def

Praise be to the gods of hi-def, for they have gifted us the SIM2 1080p HT3000, a projector that can display hi-def in its highest resolution – that’s no less than1920x1080 pixels, fact fans.

You might be familiar with SIM2's work. You know those gorgeous curvy projectors we've covered in the past? Well that's them. The HT3000 is no exception, although it's a more conservatively dressed proposition than the usual SIM2 fair.

Still, it doesn't let us down in the specification stakes, combining a cutting edge Texas Instruments DLP chipset with 10-bit digital signal processing, which makes for a more detailed and altogether tastier picture than tired old 8-bit. Connectivity is taken care of by a pair of HDMI digital connections. But fret not if you haven't made the leap to HDMI yet - Sim2 has thoughtfully slapped a complete set of analogue connections on the HT3000 too.

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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Review: Optoma H31

Optoma's MovieTime projector is aimed at people who want a no-hassle big screen experience, but its H31 is a cheaper option that actually offers more flexibility.

The H31 sells for about $1,100 (U.S.). It's a 16:9 aspect projector (widescreen) that can also handle 4:3 (TV) content. It has an essentially identical projection engine to the MovieTime, without the short-throw lens, built-in DVD player and speakers. If you don't need those extra frills, the H31 delivers an excellent image and will save you several hundred dollars at retail.

Although the engines are essentially the same, there are a few fundamental differences worth noting. The lens on the H31 is a longer-throw model (f = 19.7 to 23.6 millimetres, F/2.4 to 2.7), with a distance/width throw Ratio of 1.65 to 2.0. From five feet this will give you a three-foot-wide image, and from 20 feet the image will be nearly 12 feet wide. It's rated for a maximum projection size of about 25 feet across.

This gives it some flexibility in terms of placement. You can mount it at the rear of the room - the image can be flipped for ceiling-mounting, or reversed for rear projection, too.

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Friday, January 20, 2006

Sony sees RM4m sales from new projector

Sony (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd may record annual sales of about RM4mil from its latest premium visual product, the VPL-VW100 high-definition home theatre projector.

Nobuyasu Nozawa, the head of product marketing division, told reporters the company aimed at selling 120 units of the projectors a year on the back of growing demand for large-screen visual products.

Citing a DTC Analyser report, Nozawa said the market for large-screen visual products was expected to grow at an annual average of 20% from 2005 to 2009.

"We want to develop our visual product categories further," he told reporters after the product launching

The VPL-VW100, which retails for RM32,999 represents Sony's top-of-the-range home projector aimed at the premium consumer market.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Mitsubishi Debuts HD DLP Projo

Mitsubishi Electric Sales Canada has debuted its latest home theatre projector model, the high-definition (720p) DLP HC3000, incorporating Texas Instruments' DDP3020 Digital Light Processing TrueVision Image processing with BrilliantColor.

BrilliantColor processing technology, Mitsubishi explains, uses a patented colour processing algorithm and system-level enhancements for "more brightness and truer lifelike colours."

About the size of a standard magazine, and less than 4'' tall, the HC3000U displays images up to full, high-definition 720p resolution and a selection of aspect ratios, including CinemaScope. It boasts 1,000 ANSI lumens and 4,000:1 contrast.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

NEC Launches LT280, LT380 LCD Projectors

NEC Solutions Asia Pacific has launched new faster LAN LCD projectors - NEC LT280 and LT380 - that feature integrated wired and wireless LAN compatibility.

Sanjay Dhuria, country manager, NEC Solutions Asia Pacific Pte Ltd., said, "NEC's new line of LT projectors offers a vastly superior software for projector and display control over your network, leaving the plain vanilla wireless projectors a thing of past."

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Monday, January 16, 2006

Epson launches high-end home cinema projector - TW-600

It features a W-XGA resolution (1280 x 750 pixels) and HDMI input ensuring that it is able to truthfully display High Definition content. The EMP-TW600 is designed with a fresh, sleek finish ensuring it adds style and quality to your home.

The innovative Epson Cinema Filter ensures you can benefit from a high-quality image whatever the ambiance of your room, for example, you can enjoy a bright image (1600 ANSI lumens) in a light room and optimum contrast in a dark room. The Epson Cinema Filter also faithfully reproduces a wide range of colours.

The high contrast ratio of 5000:1 is possible due to the inclusion of an Epson Auto Iris Optical System which controls the intensity of light from the lamp. It also provides crisp and clear colours for bright scenes and fine grey scaling for darker scenes.

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Friday, January 13, 2006

BenQ Releases New Digital Projectors – MP720P And MP620

BenQ revealed its new digital projector line up, the BenQ MP720p/MP620.

The novelties meet the sRGB standard and provide 2500/2200 ANSI lumens enabling to show presentations in bright environments. Projectors also feature nine sets of application mode, which provides instant optimized settings for brightness, color saturation and contrast.

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3M To Make Own Projectors

3M previewed four new products at the BETT show in London this week, including a new range of Vikuiti short-throw projectors.

The "close range" projectors – which will be made by 3M rather than bought in as a badged product - include 4:3 business and 16:9 residential models and a version on a telescopic arm that can be wall mounted above an interactive whiteboard.

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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Matsushita Electric releases A4-sized Wireless LCD Projector

Portable projection technology is advancing rapidly as evidenced by the release this week (April 20) of the Sirius Jr. TH-LB10NT from Matsushita Electric.

The device is a compact, A4-sized portable LCD data projector and supports up to four simultaneous IEEE802.11b wireless PC connections to enable users to display one or more PC images on a single screen, making it an ideal projector for team-building and encouraging and facilitating collaboration.

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BenQ ships portable DLP projector with built-in wireless capability

BenQ announced the general availability of its CP120 micro-portable digital-light-processing (DLP) projector, and the company claims it is the world's smallest and lightest projector that has built-in wireless capability.

Ideal for small businesses and mobile professionals, the BenQ CP120 weighs 2.9 pounds (around 1.3 kg) and offers flexible wireless connectivity with compatibility for the three most common variations of the IEEE802.11 wireless standard (i.e., 802.11a/b/g).

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Optoma to roll out 1080p HD projectors for screens sized up to 100-inches

Taiwan-based projector vendor Optoma Technology will introduce a DLP (digital-light-processing) projector featuring 1080p HD resolution in the second quarter, and the company also plans to roll out its BigVizion line of rear-projection displays that will be offered in 80-, 90- and 100-inch screen sizes.

The Optoma HD81 home theater projector is a true 1080p (1920×1080) projector that features Texas Instruments’ BrilliantColor color technology and offers 10-bit color per channel color processing, a 7-segment color wheel and a 6000:1 contrast ratio. The projector also offers a brightness of 1400 lumens with a 300W lamp and will be priced at US$10,000, according to a company press release.

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