Monday, February 27, 2006

Panasonic expands commitment to video projector market

Panasonic Corporation of North America has announced it has formed a new unit company - Panasonic Projector Systems Company - to meet the growing customer needs of key U.S. projector market segments. The new firm, located in Secaucus, will be headed by its President, Thomas Zitelli, formerly Director of the Information Systems Group of Panasonic Systems Solutions Company.

"The Panasonic Projector Systems Company looks to bring new resources and ideas together - from product and marketing, to sales and service - to meet the special needs of projector customers," said Zitelli. "Panasonic is engaging users in the environments in which they operate, learning more about their business requirements and delivering tailored solutions to those unique market segments."

According to Zitelli, the company will focus its efforts on key market segments, to include: business and industry, government, and higher education, among others. The company offers a broad line of DLP and LCD-based products - from home theater and mobile projectors, to fixed installation units and large venue projectors. In short, says Zitelli, the new company looks to offer "specific products for specific industries and applications, all with a low total cost of ownership."

Toshiba's Mobile Projector

Toshiba has come up with the TDP-T95U DLP (digital light processing) mobile projector. The sleek and travel-friendly projector is designed for presenters who expect and demand quality, flexibility and performance.

The TDP-T95U incorporates some new features, including one-touch auto set-up, digital zoom, 'blackboard' function and instant power shutdown that make giving presentations more convenient. Weighing 6.4 pounds, the TDP-T95U projector offers users an array of connectivity options, including composite video, component and S-video inputs, audio in and variable audio output capabilities.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Toshiba TDP-MT700 HD Projector Review

The future for film buffs is bright. But it’s not just televisions that are getting the high definition price drop treatment these days. Projectors are joining in the party too. Toshiba’s MT700 is one of this wave of HD home cinema projectors and though not particularly new to the market, its new low price persuaded us it was worth a second look.

A quick look at the connection panel on the rear reveals this is a projector with serious home cinema pretensions... sitting on its own in an unassuming kind of way, is the projector’s HDMI socket. This new connection ‘standard’ is basically the same as DVI, but it carries audio signals as well, eliminating the need for all those extra cables. Given that this is the standard that HD broadcasters will be using – Sky’s HD digibox will carry a socket when it starts broadcasting in HD later in the year – and the simplicity of the connection, you’ll probably end up using it by default eventually.

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Projector with Air Purifier

Projectors may not be a gadget that's often associated with the ladies, but this gadget speaks across the genders to neurotics of either sex. After all, who hasn't found themselves in the middle of a favourite movie only to catch a whiff of some foul miasma making its way merrily up your nostrils? I know I have, and I'm not even always the one responsible for it either.

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Monday, February 20, 2006

Tools Of The Trade: The Toshiba P8 projector

A small and light projector is a great idea for anyone who makes frequent presentations and cannot,or would rather not, rely on facilities at the venue.

Most "portable" projectors are really best described as luggable - fine if you're travelling by car but not practical for taking on a train or aircraft.

But the Toshiba P8 really does qualify for the portable tag. It weighs just 1kg and packs neatly into the small, supplied carry case - even with its remote control and cables.

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Friday, February 17, 2006

The Canon XEED SX60 projector performs in the conference room and the living room

Canon today announces the launch of the XEED SX60, a powerful new projector which performs brilliantly in the conference room ... and also in the living room. Thanks to native SXGA+ resolution, seamless LCOS projection with Canon's Advanced AISYS technology, and a bright 2500 lumens output, the XEED SX60 is an obvious choice for the boardroom. And with a Home Cinema mode available at the push of a button, employees will be queuing up to borrow the projector over the weekend!

The XEED SX60's Home Cinema Mode boosts the projector's contrast ratio to a stunning 1500:1 resulting in astoundingly enhanced colour and subtle grades of black - perfect for watching films in a darkened room. At just 27dBA in Quiet Mode, you won't even know that the projector is there - no more annoying fan whir to distract you from your viewing. The wide-angle 1.7x Canon powered zoom lens means movies will be projected at an impressively massive size. And when you fancy projecting High Definition images, the XEED SX60 can handle it - effortlessly supporting both 720p and 1080i standards, and offering crystal-clear images via its Digital Visual Interface (DVI) port.

The XEED SX60 features:

* Native SXGA+ resolution
* 2500 lumens with AISYS Technology
* LCOS technology for seamless images
* 1500:1 contrast ratio in Home Cinema Mode
* 27dBA in Quiet Mode
* Wide-angle 1.7x powered zoom lens
* HDCP-enabled DVI port
* High Definition supported at 720p and 1080i
* Fully automatic setup and operation
* Long lamp life - 4000 hours in Quiet Mode

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Yamaha aims for the Home Projector Market

Yamaha distributor AWE is launching a range of Yamaha DLP projectors aimed at the home cinema market.

The Yamaha DPX-530 features 1,500 ANSI lumens and 4000:1 contrast ratio. Other features include an all-glass lens,, motorised optical iris control and a seven-segment colour wheel. Inputs include an HDCP compliant DVI-D terminal.

Second unit in the range is the DPX-1300, which uses a high definition DarkChip3 DMD and 10 bit picture processing.

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Monday, February 13, 2006

Coretronic 4Q sales up 33% on strong projector shipments

Thanks to strong shipments for its higher margin projectors, Coretronic saw its gross margins rebound to 10.99% in the fourth quarter, up from single digits in the third quarter, and its sales also jumped 33% sequentially to NT$14.77 billion (US$457 million), the company stated.

With fourth quarter projector shipments reaching 213,000 units, Coretronic was able to total 651,000 shipments for the year, surpassing its goal by 1,000 units. This year, the company stated it aims to ship 900,000 projectors.

The company also shipped 10.99 million backlight units (BLU) in the fourth quarter of last year, up 9.3 % from the third quarter. The sales contribution from the LCD TV panel segment was 39% of the company’s BLU sales last quarter, according to the company.

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Mitsubishi XD205U Projector

Mitsubishi's XD205U DLP projector ($1995 list) is a new small projector aimed at the presentation market that's highly portable and packs a powerful punch. This 5.29 lb. DLP unit is scarcely bigger than a Webster's dictionary, but projects images comparable to units that are much larger and more expensive. Its small size and high quality make it a worthy companion for a small notebook computer, resulting in a great system for setting up presentations almost anywhere. Here at our Midwest Test Facility theater, we ran this little projector through our computer and video obstacle course, and liked what we saw.

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Sharp's XG-MB50X DLP Projector

Sharp's new full-featured, 8.6-pound XG-MB50X DLP projector was designed with the classroom in mind, starting with its built-in RS-232C network connectivity for remote monitoring and operation so that support departments can check lamp life or assist a user from anywhere. The multimedia projector features 2,000 ANSI lumens—bright enough for a clear image in any lighting condition—a native XGA resolution, as well as a unique condenser lens optical system that delivers rich black tones and sharp onscreen images. The XG-MB50X also provides schools with many cost-saving features, including its low-power "eco & quiet" mode that helps conserve lamp life and reduce fan noise. Rounding out the XG-MB50X's features are key-code activation for theft prevention, an onscreen guide and help functions for easy setup and operation, and a wireless remote.