Friday, March 31, 2006

Canon LV-7255, LV-7250, and LV-X6 projectors

Canon LV-7255, LV-7250 and LV-X6 projector : three new compact, affordable Canon multimedia projectors capture the attention of presentation professionals and their audiences. The Canon LV-7255, LV-7250, and LV-X6 projectors are an effective way to display content without breaking the bank.

The new LCD projectors combine Genuine Canon Optics with innovative new features such as Quick Start and Cool Down. Additionally, with their economical price points, these projectors are an attractive option to education, business, government, law, and medical professionals. LV 7255, LV 7250, and LV X6 LCD projectors make it easy for business and education users to maximize the impact of Canon-Quality presentations.

Canon LV-7255, LV-7250, and LV-X6 projector - High quality LCD projector
Designed for boardrooms, classrooms, and other locations requiring high-quality XGA (1024 x 768) resolution image display, these new LV-7255, LV-7250 and LV-X6 projectors incorporate impressive design improvements. Some of these new improvements include an easy to use control panel and an enhanced remote control with a new Drag mode to allow presenters to wirelessly drag and move on-screen graphics as they are presented.

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