Sunday, April 02, 2006

Mitsubishi HC3000U HD-Compatible DLP Home Theater Projector

At an MSRP of $2,500, the Mitsubishi HC3000U offers lots of useful features and solid video performance that is normally reserved for projectors in higher price ranges. With a native pixel resolution of 1280x768 (720p), the HC3000u is HD-compatible. In addition, the video quality is excellent for a projector in this class; flesh tones, overall color saturation, and contrast levels provide a very natural looking image that is hard to find in other similarly-price units currently on the market.

Mitsubishi HC3000 features include:
1. Compact styling with Center Mounted Lens.

2. Image size range: 40 to 275 inches - adds flexibility for both small and large screen sizes and room environments.

3. Texas Instruments Dark Chip 2 with Brilliant Color Technology. The DLP chip is the foundation of the color and detail capabilities of the projector.

4. Native 16x9 Screen Aspect Ratio/Can also be set to 4x3. The 16x9 aspect ratio is desirable for widescreen films and HD sources. The aspect ratio can be adjusted to 4x3 for projection of material shot in the 4x3 format.

5. 1280x768 (720P) Native Pixel Resolution. This provides the capability of viewing HD content in true HD.

6. 4000:1 Contrast Ratio. This contrast range provides the ability to view details in very dark scenes as well providing a more natural look and texture to all images.

7. 3000 Hour Lamp Life in Econo mode/2000 Hours Lamp Life in Standard Mode. This is consistent with projectors in this class.

9. Wireless Remote Control.

10. Easy to use owner's manual and quick startup guide.

11. HDMI, VGA, HD-Component, S-Video, and Composite Video inputs. Any standard video source can be connected to this projector.

12. NTSC/PAL compatible - PC/MAC compatible.

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