Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Projector Market Gridlocked, says PMA

The projector market is starting a major transition and some major companies are likely to leave the market, says researcher Pacific Media Associates (PMA). 'The projector industry is gridlocked and manufacturers must change their approach or die a slow death', said PMA founder William Coggshall.

Commenting on the launch of new PMA front projector forecasts, Coggshall argued that 'The "Old Era" of nearly identical products, distribution channels, and targeted customers — with competition based mainly on price — will have to give way to a "New Era" marked by less-conventional thinking and a willingness to take some risks.

'Successful companies will be those who understand that waiting until an opportunity is clear means that others will get there first and make all the money. They will have to focus on being approximately correct rather than precisely wrong, a far cry from the current "paralysis by analysis". There are no new answers in the same old data.'

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